The Ryalive team is currently composed of Carlos Montero, founder of the web portal, and Alberto Valiña, responsible for all the Ryalive IOS development. Both of them teamed for three years in the Department of Logistics-commercial at Inditex until Mr. Montero decided to leave the group. The Ryalive Project has brought them to work together again.

  • Carlos MonteroFounder

    Carlos began developing Ryalive at the end of 2010 as a personal project and basically to learn. It ended up being his Final Project at the University. He received the highest mark Cum Laude, and this achievement led him to work for the Inditex Group for three years. Carlos decided to resume the initial project after leaving Inditex, and also to bring it to the new standards.

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  • Alberto ValiñaIOS developer

    Alberto joined the project in October of 2014 as Head of Development for IOS (iphone and ipad) of Ryalive. The rise of mobile applications and the willingness to learn new technologies, made Alberto interested in this platform. The fact that Carlos and Alberto had teamed up previously, there was no hesitation for Carlos to count on Alberto to develop such a task.